Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last day

In a few more hours I will be sitting in Kahului airport waiting for my Westjet flight to begin. Then I'll wait several more hours inside the airplane waiting for it to land. That's going to be my life today. Other days are usually better. I must say, the last three weeks have been mostly splendid, from a nature/climate/weather point of view.

Here is what awaits me at the other end, from one of today's weathercams. Of course, it will be night time instead of daylight.

I'm interested in learning if I succumb to SAD this winter or if spending a whole pile of cash to get outside this physical fogbank will have helped me avoid the inner one.

Bye bye Hawaii. Mahalo for all the lovely warm sunny days, wavy palm trees, birds, flowers, photon showers and purple ocean gazing. Thanks for letting me experience several warm salty surf splashes and immersions. Thanks for the modest tan I'll have for at least a week after I get back. It's been a good slice.


Unknown said...

I would also be interested to know if the Hawaii trip helps you through the rest of winter. This year, for various reasons, I haven't used my lamp. However, it seems that as long as I really work up a sweat exercising every day, I usually feel pretty good. Of course, all I have to do is walk semi-briskly for 40 minutes to an hour. It doesn't take much to wear me out these days :-)

Diane Jacobs said...

As far as having visited Hawaii helping me through the rest of the winter, so far so good.

Yes, exercise is good for everything.