Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've been neglecting this blog lately - apologies to anyone who might be following it. I'm busy with this and that, and get less enthusiastic usually as the sky darkens with winter's approach. This winter, however, I'm going to go to Hawaii for three weeks, so that should help. I am given to believe that there are a few more than just a couple dozen photons per cubic meter over there. I'm looking forward to becoming a human solar panel. I, who can't usually remember any pop songs that date from after around 1978, have lately been struggling to keep Sheryl Crowe's song,
"I'm gonna soak up the sun" from viraling itself throughout my brain.

On other matters, I want to introduce a new blog (new to me) which you will see listed under PT blogs in the menu to the right, but which is actually by an occupational therapist in New Zealand, called Healthskills. (It is also attached to Neurotonics, the other blog I'm involved in.) It's a lively blog full of great info for health practitioners who deal primarily with persisting pain.

One last thing - the Canadian dollar has avalanched down, and is now worth a good 22 or 23% less than it was just a few weeks ago - so our Virtual Symposium on Pain, blogged about here, is now quite a deal for anyone living outside Canada! I checked about registration, and learned that registration will stay open during the first week of November. All are welcome to attend and learn.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Unfoldment of a zebrafish

Mo at Neurophilosophy has a new post containing movies of the embryologic development of a zebrafish, with links to the site they come from. Great find Mo, thanks.

I love the spherical expansion, then that sudden whoosh into something that has two sides to it.

This is how vertebrate embryology is studied, and humans are vertebrates, so it's how we unfold too.