Thursday, August 10, 2017

The conscious mind/self/conscious awareness

I saw a post today on Facebook that seems a good summary of the conscious mind: 

"Our conscious minds are but one part of our nervous system, and they are not dictators." ~Andrew Jurdan

I reposted it, and added a few more thoughts.

I've always viewed the conscious mind as something that finds itself occupying the top floor of City Hall, as mayor, no clue as to how it got there or what it's there for, supposedly in charge of a city it knows nothing about, has never toured, and doesn't understand the workings of all the other floors or even any names of any other people on those floors.
It prefers to hang out with other mayors and play games.
Yet, it is ultimately the mayor's responsibility if anything in the city goes haywire.
 Here is something I wrote about conscious awareness or self as mayor of a city ages ago, at least 12-13 years ago.