Saturday, December 10, 2016

Out of gear

Just coasting these days.
One-third of the way through December. Sudden onslaught of winter - a foot of snow and minus 25C weather. A big change to adapt to after the creepy warm November we had, with rain and daytime temperatures that reached plus 20C..

Anyway.. it's a slow time of year, not much happening at work last week. The book has been out for a week and a bit. I have amused myself by looking up the stats on book sales. Definitely not a runaway best seller, but it seems to be steadily moving out into the world. I am pleased with the progress so far, a couple hundred ebooks and dozens of regular books. A guy who attended my class, Jaire, posted a picture of himself holding his new DNM book. So did another guy, William. A woman who blogs at My Cuppa Joe, Joletta Belton, wrote a lovely blogpost about her experience attending a DNM course taught by Rey Allen recently.

What pleases me even more is a sense of the ideas it contains taking root out there in the world, with or without the book. Not many of the ideas in it are original, but I like to think that juxtaposing them to each other my own way has maybe helped give them more pizzazz.

All this is great. The feeling is one of completion, contemplation, enjoyment. Maybe it's similar to that feeling women my age (who reproduced) have when they watch their baby grandchildren or great grandchildren doing adorable things.