Thursday, March 03, 2016


I thought I had invented this word, dogmasphere, recently, at the San Diego Pain Summit, while conversing with old friends and new, but somebody else beat me to it, it seems. Always good to google your ideas and new words to see if someone else has invented them before you.

Anyway, when I use this word, I am referring to a spherical world of opinion divorced from any grounded thinking. It's round, like a ball. It floats, detached from reality. It has layers, accreted over time. People live inside them. Manual therapy is full of them. The inside is reflective, lined with mirroring, inside just as shiny and reflective as the outside. You can't see out but you and all the people who agree with you are reflected on each other in so many ways that you start to think, that's just life. 

It's like small-town life where everyone knows what each others' opinions are just by looking at their face. Or, like high school. Same kind of deal. Social intimacy leads to being able to read each others' thoughts and feelings just by looking their way. Everyone keeps up mainly through gossip. It's the human condition, I'm afraid.. we are primates in troops. Forever.

If you want something else, you have to escape the bubble of the dogmasphere and go looking for real-ity. Something not opinion-based. A firmer foundation. Not just a bunch of ideas promoted by a few prominent alphas then adopted uncritically by generations and multitudes of betas.
See Ravensara Travillian's slide for why it's important to have a referent that is reality based. Here is the dogmasphere, without a referent:

Ravensara's slide, messed with by me. 

It's hard.
Manual therapy is full of dogma and closed-off ideas. Breaking up those cozy but hard dogmasphere balls by trying to get people to be excited about reality is kinda hard to do.