Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kona Storm

Today, the beach has an entirely different feel. Note the absence of people, other than yours truly taking the picture. Note the absence of footprints other than mine. It's a somewhat creepy but on the whole very cool feeling to have an entire, highly sought vacation beach, all to oneself. Why?

Because it's raining buckets, and everyone else is inside. The waves are disappointingly flat. So there is not much out there to enjoy at the moment. Except just being there by oneself, and pretending (briefly) the beach is all one's own.


Unknown said...

There is something really powerful about being on an unpopulated beach. The State of Oregon decided early on to make the whole coastline a public resource. There are lots and lots of state parks along the coast and plenty of other places to reach the beach.
So we often get beaches all to ourselves. When I come out of a depression, I have said that it feels like my beauty receptors are being turned up. Judging by your recent posts, you may be experiencing just such a wonderful effect.

Diane Jacobs said...

I know what you mean Kent. The only real depression (I mean "real," as in clinical, not just cranky SAD) was at age 19. The whole world seemed colorless. I could still see color, but I couldn't feel color, not in the effortless way I'd always taken for granted. Fortunately that came back, and I've managed to never lose it again, no matter how life gets or how cranky I feel.