Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Back in my own life

I realize how addicted to my own life I am. July went by in a blur.

First there was a big chunk that evaporated by attending Congress. Five days shot right there, even though I liked it a lot, actually was stimulated enough to sign up to go to Winnipeg in November to attend Michael Sullivan's PGAP (Progressive Goal Attainment Program) workshop. 

Then there was another 5 day chunk spent in Saskatoon at a large family reunion.
Not that it wasn't enjoyable and interesting. Just that I had no time to be with myself and the internet.

Yesterday I was at work all day, not caught up with myself yet. This morning (day off) I feel like I'm finally getting there. I've been online since 6 AM. So rejuvenating. It's now nearly 11 AM.

I've posted many bits and dabs to the Facebook pages, my own, the Neuro and Pain science page, and the PSD page. Right now I'm watching Wolpert's interview/exposition on the Charlie Rose show from a couple years ago.  Here is his webpage. I love his succinct explanation of the brain:

"Movement is the only way we have of interacting with the world, whether foraging for food or attracting a waiter's attention. Indeed, all communication, including speech, sign language, gestures and writing, is mediated via the motor system. Taking this viewpoint, the purpose of the human brain is to use sensory signals to determine future actions."
 How brilliant is that?

Also, I watched all 50 minutes of this Youtube video of a presentation by Moshe Feldenkrais, from 1981, all black and white and grainy. Thank you yet again, to Carol Lynn Chevrier, a Quebec massage therapist who is also a jazz singer. What a combination. She probably knows all about interactive improv with patients, understands it in its deepest motor sense, probably. Music and singing is motor output making auditory contact, just as manual therapy makes physical contact. With both, basic talent should be present, then motivation, then practice, and maybe, some day, approaching perfection.  

Feels so good to be back to total immersion in all this. Not all "that". 

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