Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deep south of Sask. stories continued

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Maybe I have adult ADHD or something. I got up from the waiting room chair this morning and read all about it, all the symptoms. Yup, that must be it.

Or maybe it was being expected to wait endlessly for my (second, booked) appointment at the Dr.'s office.

I called to find out what happened when the door to the Dr's office was locked at my appointed time, Friday afternoon. Lots of apologies, a new appointment, a confirmation that a sign on the door, letting people know the Dr. had had an emergency to attend, or else a phone call to cancel, would have been welcome. "Oh, yes yes, we will do that next time. Good idea."

So, I gave this guy another shot.
Got there today, 5 minutes prior to appointment time. Not so long before that people suspect me of OCD, but enough ahead of time to ensure that any untimeliness won't be on my account. Simple courtesy.

Forty minutes later, I walked out.

I'd seen him come into the reception area several times, once to help his staff look for some missing file. Another time was a kibbutz with a patient who was just leaving.

I still don't have the Weyburn groove, yet, obviously. Still get mad and fume and steam when someone besides me wastes my time.

Next week the walk-in clinic, just next door, will be open again. I'll try there, see if I have better luck getting my stupid form filled out that has to be signed by a doctor and lets the health bureaucracy feel assured that I'm not some sort of infectious threat to their charges and to other staff.  All so that they can turn me loose one day a week on their persistent pain patients, and make that wait list go down.

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