Sunday, August 14, 2011

Killing Pain Part V

This is the latest entry regarding my recent adventure on the other side of the mirror, being an acute pain patient with something that I would have instantly recognized in another person as "frozen shoulder".

I hate pain so much that I refuse to put up with it. That's really all there is to say.

I wanted to drop in here to say that I'm doing stuff today which 3 days ago would have been unthinkable:

1. Sleeping on that right shoulder*, my back, my front when I want, all comfortably, without waking up in pain.
2. Using my arm for anything, almost everything. E.g., did a couple loads of laundry, including sheets, made the bed
3. Used the iron (!) no problem
4. Lift heavy objects down out of the microwave.
5. Even carrying a cup of coffee.
6. Still can't get my arm behind my back for those annoying bra clips. Oh well. No pain. I'll get the range back after the neural tunnel syndrome is better and the CNS stops guarding it with movement restriction. Hey, I can actively abduct and elevate the arm, almost fully, and easily.. It feels weird, like I have the shoulder of a diving suit glued on and am painlessly restricted by it. But Kirsten will attend to that sensory delusion, no prob.
7. Personal hygiene behaviour no longer a problem. 

I think there was likely vascular involvement. Coderre talks about mini-compartment syndrome in cases of CRPS. My presentation didn't manage to get that bad, but when one thinks about the complicated twists in the brachial plexus, how the vascular and neural bundles are intertwined, I can see how they could bother each other a lot, just mechanically. I suspect that acute "frozen shoulder" has nothing whatsoever to do with any "capsule" or "joint" issue, whatsoever - that would amount to conceptual hallucination, endlessly perpetrated/sold/taught by who knows who for who knows what reason.

*still can't sleep on the unaffected side - it's still too uncomfortable. Something happens to the nerves in my arm - some sort of adverse tension, so I know they need another go with Kirsten.

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