Saturday, October 24, 2015

Very enteric gut glia

Whoa.. totally sidetracked today by some basic information about the enteric nervous system I previously did not know.  Stumbled across this paper: Imaging neuron-glia interactions in the enteric nervous system, full text (at least for now..).

(I confess to not knowing that enteric neurons had "glia." Well, ok, I figured they likely had very thin (probably) myelination. But "glia"?)  

Turns out that they do. 
From Boesnams et al.: "Enteric glial cells share several features with astrocytes." (Unlike Schwann cells, I guess.)

"The ENS develops from neural crest cells that migrate and proliferate extensively to eventually form a network of interconnected ganglia throughout the entire length of the gut."

From Sasselli et al: "All enteric neurons and glia are derived from neural crest cells (NCC)"

Here is a trust-worthy, basic info page:  Enteric NS

Note to self: Live long and learn something new every day.

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