Thursday, May 02, 2013

"Make good art"

"This is what patient engagement really is" - via KevinMD
"Communication isn’t important to health care, communication IS health care." "Care is not a static thing, it is the transaction of ideas. The patient tells me what is going on, I listen, I share my thoughts with the patient (and other providers), and the patient uses the result of this transaction for their own benefit.""The point of all of this is the moving of medicine from an industry where money is milked from disease to a communications network where diseases are prevented." 
"Patient engagement” that is done TO the patient for the sake of the doctor or hospital is a sham." 
"Engagement is about interaction, listening, and learning in relationship to another person. Engagement is not a strategy, it IS care."

My emphasis. I agree with all that. 
Health care is a verb, not a noun. 
It's an interaction, not an operation. 

Health care as we currently conceive of it, and, as it has emerged in society as a fungible commodity, is  alarming, horrible, a beached whale. It induces suffering, its own and that of everyone who looks at it or is connected to it somehow. It suffers just by existing in a place and circumstance where it doesn't belong  It sits there, suffering. No one seems to be able to help it, budge it. Budget. 

We know it won't live, can't live this way, and it takes a long time to die. 

The part that is submerged can't do anything. In this metaphor, that part is our incapacity to see how objectifying health care killed it. 

The part that is visible can't do anything either. It seems huge, bloated, and even though it isn't quite dead yet, it reeks pretty bad. 

What to do? 

Make good art

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