Monday, August 13, 2012

More from Raven

I feel vindicated.

"Having worked with this anatomical information issue for some years now, I can assure everyone that it's not really as bad as Jacobs suspects.

"It's much, much worse."

..... from Raven's latest blogpost on this annoying and confounding anatomy mis-labeling: 

It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is: 05-Augean Stable Song, part 1 (#12/31)

Also see:

ADD: August 23/12:
There are a couple more of these blogposts by Raven, #13/31, and  #14/31.
I asked her privately if she agreed that just using the term "superficial fascia" (instead of a more appropriate term, such as hypodermis, or subcutis), just contributed more hole to the hole in the hull, to a deepening of an undesirable meme, and she said she did. 

I consider this topic now successfully dealt with, and closed.

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