Monday, February 06, 2012

Pain is an emergent phenomenon

SomaSimple member and moderator, Kory Zimney is putting his thoughts down in this thread: Pain is an emergent system.

Yesterday (while the superbowl was on and I was ignoring it, watching a movie instead) I conversed with a couple Facebook Folk. I've conversed with them several times, and generally we come to virtual blows. This time we may have gone round some kind of corner.

Link to the FB thread: Central Sensitization:  "I dare anyone to read this and then try to declare that "muscles" somehow spontaneously start developing "trigger points", then need to be "needled", which somehow, one is led to believe, magically stops them from such misbehaviour. Or something. Ludicrous idea. Really."     

I think you have to be a FaceBook member and have "liked" the page, to be able to view it.

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