Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things are moving fast (relatively)

So, last week my mother (who has decided to be my agent, on her own advisement apparently) called up the local media and arranged for a reporter to call on me. One did. I gave an interview and prepared to burrow back into my intensely interesting studies.
Then, the story was published on Friday (if you really want to view, go to Weyburn This Week).  Since the story was published - front page no less -  I've had 4 new patients call me. I feel such a business crunch!

Really, I'm joking. I have such a sweet laidback life now. But with this sudden minor avalanche of patients I suddenly found myself faced with the necessity of having to get a car again, after nearly 3.5 years of not driving or needing to or having to own a car and endure the hassle and expense of licensing, insuring and maintaining one. It's been a fabulous car-free existence, but now I need to get around in winter and carry some items to peoples' homes, so a car is in my immediate future. My brother, a trained mechanic and service manager for Saturn, an ex-GM make, found me a nice bright yellow, cheerful sporty used Saturn that he has personally inspected, serviced, recommends highly, and will fit with a set of new all-weather tires. It will be yellow like the car in the top picture, but with funny back doors like the red car on the bottom. The back seats fold down for ginormous trunk space. I sort of look forward (as much as I don't want the bother) to driving this little car around town. I might even get a sign for the door - Sensible Solutions Physiotherapy. (Registration of the name is in process. Once I've been registered I can get business cards made, etcetc.)

So that's me, this is my new life, juggling being a home-visit therapist/uni student/writer/human primate social groomer/neuroelastician/aging daughter of a very vigorous elderly parent who still runs my life every chance she gets. I kinda don't mind though - I've got a lot more patience with her now than I used to- I know she's only trying to be helpful. I'm all too acutely aware that she doesn't have that many more years left in which to be bossy.

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