Saturday, October 16, 2010

New bursts of energy

I think going to school is good for me. My brain seems to be working better again.

Lately I had thoughts about going back "to work" - i.e., treating patients again. I mentioned to my mother at Thanksgiving that I had been thinking about something simple, something that would leave me in control of my time, something like doing home visits. I even told her the name I picked - "Sensible Solutions". I don't have business cards yet, but I know a place where I can get some made, and I went out during the week, picked out a file cabinet, had it delivered, moved my office all round and repositioned and reorganized all my book shelves, moved the desk to make more room but still get a lot of light from the window, made a space for my computer setup - two large screen computers in a nice little semi-circular nest, for "going to university"; I still had room for a small oak roll top desk which will become the place where I sit to write patient files. Today I went out and bought bright yellow file hangers to put in the new file cabinet. It has three large drawers. Lots of room to expand if/when my new "practice" takes off, and meanwhile, lots of storage. :-)

If it does take off, I'll have to get a car soon. Drat. :-[
But I'll think about that if/when.

I got my first official call this morning, and first appointment arranged today at 5PM - a friend of my mom's, 83 with back pain. She had surgery last year to remove no-longer-useful organs which were growing cells that no one thought would do her any good in the long term, but allowed none of this to stop her from participating in the senior Olympics here in Canada and taking home all the gold medals in her category... she is the only entrant in her category, but that's kind of beside the point. She goes to the lovely rec center here and trains several days a week, so I know she's motivated.

Now, at last, so am I.
Whatever my brain needed a rest in order to go off and do, it looks like it's close to being done, and after having had an opportunity to marinate in sunshine for the last 15 months, is getting ready for a new life, mental molt finally over with.

I've got two bags to carry over to her place (she's only a block away) - one contains a foam bolster and the other my treatment gadgets - block wedges, foam rubber square to give me more traction on skin, stretchy tape and scissors. I will take a treatment gown along. Got lots of those.

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