Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I found out that I've been accepted into a pain management certification program at U. Alberta in Edmonton. This online post grad program would count a bit toward a masters degree at U. of S. (if I decided to pursue one).

Also, plans are afoot for an RCT for me to be involved in. It's still tentative, but if it becomes reality, I'll be making a lot of bus trips back and forth to Saskatoon, 4 hours each way. Fortunately, buses have wifi these days. :)

Still no big urge to "work" (as in, for money), but I've been dreaming about working lately, treating people, so maybe my brain is working up an appetite for doing that once again.

Meanwhile, I look forward to seeing Ron Melzack and meeting some people I know but only from online.


Bcteagirl said...

Congratulations on your acceptance! I found your blog while searching for how to register for the Melzack dinner.. I am looking forward to it as well :) Are you going to any of the preconferences?
Janice M.

Diane Jacobs said...

Hi Bcteagirl,
Yes, I'll be attending the Pain Mind & Movement session.