Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Montreal and Melzack

I finally came up out the long summer torpor I've been in since coming back from St. John's, to get ready to go back east, this time to the IASP World Congress on pain, in Montreal at the end of this month. One of the items under "related events" is a reception on Aug 28 for Ron Melzack, my hero. I managed to get two tickets, one for me and one as a hostess gift for the friend I'm staying with, also a PT and also in our CPA Pain Science Division.

I'm actually excited about this. Feeling pleasantly excited instead of feeling stressed and anxiety ridden is a welcome change. I'll be able to see him in person, and even if I do not get to meet him in person, at least I'll be able to say I was in the same room.

More clothing angst, however, had to be battled - what does one wear to a reception in Montreal? It's a bit like going to Brazil - Montreal is the fashion capital of Canada after all. Therefore motivated by the unfamiliar-to-me default female flap of having 'nothing to wear', plus actually caring about the fact I have nothing to wear (for the second time this year in probably 20 years or more), I went out and bought some black shoes that actually have heels!! (- not high, but still, in order to not break an ankle I'll have to practice walking in them), and a few items of clothing that I think may help me escape fashion police disapproval. Get this - I even bought a necklace! That is how determined I am not to look like a complete fashion schlub at a reception for my hero, Ron Melzack. I'm hoping a) I get to meet him in person and b) that I don't stand out as not dressed properly for the meeting.

Honestly, I can hardly believe that buried under all the years and decades of being depressed and not giving a rip about how I look, as long as I smelled OK, I'm actually going to try to look like a female from across a room. Wearing a necklace and shoes with heels. I feel like such a female impersonator! Nothing motivates my inner fembot, it seems, more than a chance to see Melzack up close and in person. :^)

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