Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Peripheral sensory neurons and vascular epithelium

Two papers have come to my attention recently:

1. Chiara MorelliLaura CastaldiSam J. BrownLina L. StreichAlexander WebsdaleFrancisco J. TabernerBlanka CerretiAlessandro BarenghiKevinM. BlumJulie SawitzkeTessa FrankLaura SteffensBalint DoleschallJoana SerraoStefan G. LechnerRobert PrevedelPaul A. Heppenstall, 2020, Identification of a novel population of peripheral sensory neuron that regulates blood pressure
McCarron JG, Lee MD, Wilson C., 2017,  The Endothelium Solves Problems That Endothelial Cells Do Not Know Exist. Trends Pharmacol Sci. 2017;38(4):322–338.

I have not read and digested either of these papers yet, but I'm sure they will make a nice duet when I finally do: no tissue can survive or function without a lot of sensory neurons providing it with trophic factors, and likewise, no neuron can survive without neurotrophic factors it takes up from tissue cells. 

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