Friday, April 07, 2017

Spinal cord vs. brain, brain vs. spinal cord - endless struggle for control of the body

I made this meme, but I have people to thank:

Acknowledgements for this meme:

1. Lars Avemarie who posted his thoughts on pain a couple days ago.
I replied to his post with some thoughts on nociception/spinal cord, and pain/brain. I included the dead fish moving video (see below).

2. Nick Ng copied my post, and

3. Lee commented. She still seems to think pain is not a brain thing. It made me think, how can I answer this? I replied.

4. I wrote a longer post this morning, an expansion of my reply to Lee, and included the dead fish moving video again.

5. I tried hard to come up with an image/metaphor that captured the constant struggle going on that has to do with descending modulation. I think shoreline and sea metaphor does it - it shows ceaseless movement. When brain fails to raise the shoreline it can become flooded by input from spinal cord. Then it has a mess to clean up.

The dead fish moving video:

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