Saturday, January 19, 2013

Safe spaces for demented people

I'm absolutely charmed: In the Netherlands, an experiment is underway - an enclosed care facility designed to feel and look and operate like "real life", where dementia patients can roam around freely, buy groceries, get a haircut, attend events, and remain supervised and safe. Read ‘Alternative Reality’ Villages for Dementia Sufferers, by Marianne Cezza, at Nodes of Ranvier blog. She tweets as  .

Here is a short video, Dementia patients in Dutch village given 'alternative reality'.

This makes me ache, because it is so touching. Such a simple no-brainer right thing to do. 

Well, not easy I imagine, or cheap. But what a huge boon for people who can no longer cope 
with "real" existence, because they have become too confused and vulnerable. 
What a kind way to ease the burden of the big human brain in which so many things can go wrong
in the data storage department, but which still has a critter brain which can feel stressed and miserable
under so many kinds of circumstances, including "hard drive" degradation.  

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