Friday, March 02, 2012


I've been asked to write a guest post about DNM for two weeks from now, so I better start thinking about how, I guess. I need 600 words.

I made a picture of the concepts involved a long time ago and never have done anything with it. Here it is:

It contains the topics I address whenever I teach this in workshops. Really, dermoneuromodulation amounts to being interested in and careful about the true physical interface of contact by a manual therapist on a patient's body. Everyone who does manual therapy is already 'doing' some kind of dermoneuromodulation whether they realize it or not (if the patient is alive and unanesthetized at least, as most are!) - dermoneuromodulation is just a more conscious systematic examination of contact with a patient, with no conceptual hallucination of the mesodermal kind. Mostly. Much much reduced, at least.

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