Friday, August 21, 2009

Blogger is acting weird

I can't blog from my iMac at the moment, because everything I type turns to squares as soon as I type a period. None of the other places I visit or post at seem to be affected. This MacAir laptop seems to be working OK for blogging, so I'll have to blog with it.

Update: It must be Firefox - I'm using Safari now, and it's fine. No boxes.


Unknown said...

I have been using Google Chrome and find it much faster than Explorer. But every once in a while an incompatibility pops up.

Diane Jacobs said...

Looks like the problem is solved. I messed with the settings, and must have inadvertently "enabled" some sort of automatic translator thing that was turning my writing into Hindi! It's now disabled, and everything is working fine again. One of those "Do!h" experiences.