Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Money as Debt"

In that there seems to be a dark blanket of seasonal affective disorder that lies heavily over the economy these days, people might be interested in watching an educational doc. film (made in BC) about the topic of "money" and how it is mostly a concept, not anything real. In fact it's practically an illusion, kept in focus only by the illusion that there's lots of it and that it's OK to borrow as much as you need for whatever reason you want.

The people who actually are invested in keeping this illusion all fluffy, fail when too many people, too simultaneously, want what they think is theirs and ask for a balance sheet. Oops, turns out we don't have as much money as it looked like there was on paper..

It's a very interesting documentary. No wonder the "economy" is in such trouble. It's been running on almost empty for what? Decades. All I can say is that I'm happy I own my own (paid-off) place, I do not have debt, my life style is quite simple, and I'm not forced to retire, ever, if I don't want to. (As long as health holds out. And about that, I'm grateful to live in Canada.)

Here is the movie: Money as Debt.


Anonymous said...

Hi fellow blogger,

I've passed on the Kreative Blogging award to you, as I love to read your site.

Head to http://healthskills.wordpress.com to see what I wrote - basically you list 6 things you love, then nominate six blogs for the award. It's fun, and creates some great links you might never have made before!

Diane Jacobs said...

Well, thank you for that Bronnie - I'll check it out. :-)