Friday, June 06, 2008

That which sustains our human antigravity suits

In light of recent news reports about a global food shortage, I'd like to bring a series of you-tube videos here, highlighting the obnoxious corporate behavior of a certain company, Monsanto, that would do anything/is doing everything to take over anything/everything to do with global food supply, simply
a) to make itself money and power, and
b) because it can, and no one stops it.

(Behavior in this category is considered psychopathic when identified in ordinary mortals. See this film, The Corporation.)

Judge for yourself if any trails might lead to this company as a major contributor to this alleged food shortage.

Part I: Monsanto Patent for a Pig
Part II: Monsanto Patent for a Pig
Part III: Monsanto Patent for a Pig
Part IV: Monsanto Patent for a Pig
Part V: Monsanto Patent for a Pig

I grew up on a farm. As I watched this set of videos, my blood alternated between curdling and boiling. It's enough to turn a peaceful person into a political activist.

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Green Bennie said...

I have tried to watch the first video of Neil Pearson's 'Overcome Pain live well again' only there is no volume ... too bad :(