Monday, February 18, 2008

Eternal Struggles V: "Pseudoscience "research" is invariably sloppy"

From the Coker article:

"Pseudoscience "research" is invariably sloppy".
"Pseudoscientists clip newspaper reports, collect hearsay, cite other pseudoscience books, and pore over ancient religious or mythological works. They rarely or never make an independent investigation to check their sources."

There is a thread about Barnes' version of MFR going on the Evidence In Motion blog, called "Myofascial Release - Time to Stop the Madness?"

One of the posters, John Ware, actually contacted Carol Davies at U. Miami to ask her to defend her particular slant on PT education - she "requires" that PT students buy the textbook she wrote - which she declares is "evidence-based" no less.

She replied that she wouldn't discuss the matter until the PT who invited her had read through Oschman's book. From his post on the matter:
"I have more than once personally invited Dr. Davis to come to this forum or the soma simple site to discuss and defend her embracing these questionable concepts. She has refused to continue to discuss the issue with me at all until I read James Oschman's book on "energy medicine." Apparently, this is considered an authoritative text by the Barnesians merely because it has the word "science" in the title and banters quantum theory jargon around. When I replied that I had read a review by Harriet Hall, MD that thoroughly and convinclingly discredited any scientific basis for Oschman's book, she discounted Dr. Hall as an "avowed cynic." Now, why anyone would confess to being a cynic when they are in the business of reviewing purportedly scientific writings, I have no idea."

This seems like pseudoscientific red flag #2 cop-out to me.

One interest I have in all this is how the university she teaches at lets her get away with this apparent conflict of interest, not to mention the exertion of apparently next to no quality control over the intellectual product that it graduates. Here is a position paper on the matter, produced by the American Association of University Professors. Perhaps Davis is not a member. Perhaps U. Miami is not affiliated.

This bothers me - it is MY profession, the same one I belong to - that is being affected by graduates that have passed through, particular version of "PT education."

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