Wednesday, November 15, 2006

November Workshop

I have to say, it went better than anticipated. At the last minute two more people let me know they wanted to come, which meant printing out more handouts and scrounging more chairs, and increasing the size of this class over the size of the last class by 150%, up to 5... plus the photographer made 6. Somehow they all squeezed into my treatment room.

And the best part, I was less stressed and less nervous and less exhausted afterward.

I think I might be getting the hang of this teaching thing. This time I had a white board ready, and some flip charts on which I'd prepared diagrams, a bit smoother flow. I still felt like I rambled around quite a bit, but no one was yawning that I could see.

The next day a few of us including the researcher friend went off to visit BodyWorlds, my second trip there. I lingered over the nerves pointing out each one by name to my participants. It was so much easier to grasp how they flow and penetrate layers when the layers are separated slightly, the way these exhibits are, how muscle structures spiral their way around bones like flower petals, and how the nerves slide through them like corset laces.

To top it off, the researcher friend tutored me in how to make power point slides for the next teaching adventure.

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