Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mindblog: Deric Bownds

I was recently sent a link to this fine site whose author is Deric Bownds.

I'm luxuriously lapping up all his archives these days, which is enough to keep a thinking person busy for weeks. He seems to be interested in providing thoughtful high quality information about the brain, mind, and consciousness from many sources, plus creating a continuous and seamless stream of his own writing and essays. One of my favorites so far is The Beast Within, an overview complete with images of all the layers of brain we have accumulated throughout our evolutionary development, how they function in all of us.

Also linked in his blog is a google video (about an hour long) featuring Alan Wallace, discussing how science might want to get around soon to concerning itself with first person phenomena such as introspection and contemplation.

There is an online book available, called Biology of Mind, for all who deal with people and/or with peoples' nervous systems for a living. I've linked him into the index as well. Enjoy.

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