Monday, October 10, 2005


I have worked for over three decades with people and their aches and pains, as a lisenced physiotherapist. I read extensively outside my own field, mostly science-related topics, for enjoyment, enrichment, and education. A few of the many mindscapes out there that especially intrigue me, and that I feel pertain directly to and help influence cognitive choices I make in the midst of my career, are embryology, evolution, and neuro/pain sciences.

My hope is that this blog will provide space for development of my perceptions and theories, which, being mostly kinesthetic ones, have up to now been invisible to the outside world. These perceptions exist; how could they not? Treatment of what I like to call "the human antigravity suit" is a neurologically interactive process. What I learn and glean from these "outer" worldviews helps me make sense of kinesthetic perception, which is real to me but invisible to everyone else (everyone else, that is, except in the moment, and to the individual I'm working with at the time). What I do, what I see in peoples' responses, with concepts from these broad outside (of physiotherapy) sources I construct my own worldview, and may (who knows) be able to in some small way help others who work with peoples' bodies/minds/nervous systems.

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