Friday, April 24, 2020

Boundaries in the age of COVID: Part 6

I am fascinated, riveted, horrified, by how sane societal boundaries are being obliterated at the highest level of US politics.


So, Trump is using presidential office and daily briefings to pronounce nonsense and flagrant foolishness about treating the coronavirus, most recently applying UV light to the inside of the body and/or injecting/ingesting disinfectant.

Americans have to put up with this daily cringe show because he got elected by some bizarre combination of those who voted for entertainment rather than cohesion, and an electoral vote system supposedly designed to keep people like him out of office but which, instead, the Winds of Fate blew inside out like a cheap umbrella. 

The poor doctors who come with him into his briefing room each day.
They are hanging in there, but the toll is mounting. Deborah Birx used to be a lot more smiley. Now she just can't. 

Reaction to her president's ideas 
They are hanging in.
What a decision to have to make, every day.
Abandon their own professional boundaries to serve, to try to keep people alive, put out science-based messaging.
Or lend their presence to someone who erodes them further every single time.
It must be so demoralizing.
I get an image of a couple of people devoted to truth frantically bailing water even with just some little sand pails, who have looked up to notice, to their chagrin, that they are actually trying to bail out the Titantic, who then resume bailing. 

The disinfectant company has had to put out a disclaimer.



Improper use of disinfectants - official disclaimer 

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