Thursday, March 13, 2014

"50 Shades of Pain" - Lorimer Moseley quotes, compiled by Lars Avemarie in Sweden

This is just excellent. Fifty quotes by Lorimer Moseley, compiled by Lars Avemarie from a DVD produced just last year by Laree Draper, available from for the DVD or for download. 

It's one of those labours of love that requires the right mix of slight OCD, desire, determination, dedication, thirst for deepening into a particular topic, all that stuff. Thank you thank you thank you Lars. I've attached this to my blog so that I won't be as apt to lose it in the depths of Facebook.

I have the DVD and it's great. I was always planning to do something like what Lars has done, but have been too busy all year making cartoons in photoshop of nerves and where they go to.

If you want to sample the DVD content, Laree has posted several bits to Youtube. Here is one of them


Anonymous said...

Where can we find the 50 comments?
many thanks

Diane Jacobs said...

Click on the title. :)