Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pain Science Division is not only official, but the news is now out

In reference to Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Science Division:

This morning I sat for a few minutes and read the "e-blast" from CPA, a report on our last National Congress, with this list of topics:
Tremendously Successful and Incredible Congress!
New CEO of CPA Officially Installed at Congress
New Pain Science Division Launched
Best and Brightest Recognized
Congress Receives Positive Media Coverage
Cost of Business Survey - Only 4 Weeks Left!
CPA Teleconference Program - Last 2 Sessions!
Obesity Survey - What Should Physical Therapists Do
Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada - New Board of Governors

The item I bolded above states:
New Pain Science Division Launched

It was a very successful Congress for those behind the three-year-old effort to have a Pain Sciences Division of CPA. The Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the Division launch this past weekend. The purpose of the Pain Sciences Division is to disseminate current scientific information to Canadian physiotherapists, foster collaborative efforts between academic researchers and clinicians involved in pain management, and to promote physiotherapists as leaders in non-pharmacological pain management both nationally and internationally.

The first annual general meeting of the new Pain Science Division will be held in 2009. CPA members can join the new Division in the fall of 2008 when they renew membership.

Neil Pearson, a physiotherapist member from Penticton, BC, and a pain management specialist, is the new Chair of the Division. He says those who were behind the scenes did a lot of work to get it off the ground and are very excited now that it has been approved.

You may recall that a survey about creating a Pain Division was sent out to members in January, and there was overwhelming support for it.

For information on CPA Divisions, contact Tracy Blyth in the national office (email deleted)

The excitement was particularly sharp the day of the vote, two weeks ago. Although decreased in amplitude this excitement has not diminished in frequency or endurance. I feel it the way I can feel my own blood coursing around, a feeling that's right there whenever I care to tune into it.

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