Friday, November 25, 2016

The year's not over quite yet.

But it's drawing to a close.

A lot has happened, most of it in the last few months.

1. I finally finished the book. 

It will be available in the coming week I'm told.
Here is a picture of the cover, back to front.

Whew, glad that's done.

2. I moved my clinic. 

Total unplanned surprise. In September I got a call from another physio in town who told me she was opening a new clinic in a renovated school, and would I like to join her?

The deal was,
a) I got to keep my own name and business and patient list and files
b) I got to have lower rent per month, secure for the next five years
c) I got to have a room with a window and could add a sign to it

d) I had to break my lease in the old dilapidated building where my practice was formerly housed

VERY fair terms.
So I did move - I took a big hit because there was still over a year left in said lease, but opportunities like this do NOT come easily in this town. There is almost no new construction apart from residential. So I jumped at the chance.

And I feel like I dodged a bullet, because the same day I moved out, October 3, a giant rainstorm happened, the roof leaked, and water poured down from beside one of the light fixtures in the building.

Lucky me, out of there.
Whew again.

3. The weird election that just happened down south 

It has to have been one of the most bizarre elections humans have ever held since we've been human and since elections became a thing.
I used to think the following, ever since the Free Trade Deal with the US and Mexico, NAFTA:
That Canada and Mexico were like nurses, walking a large demented patient named Uncle Sam up and down the hallway helping him to not fall, and that he was abusive, striking out at both of us even as we tried to support him and look out for his needs.
Now that demented patient has been elected president of the US. He's now going to represent the US in the entire world. Unless some equally bizarre miracle happens..
Nothing he ever said or did in the election run up convinced me that he would do anything but lurch about and break things and hurt people and be thoroughly abusive.

Gad, I'm going to miss Obama.
Whew that I don't live directly in the US.
Quaking because I live very close to the border.

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