Thursday, January 07, 2016

Slowly, steady..

I think I finally figured out how to structure the manual, which to me is how to climb up out of this chasm, which feels like such a relief.

I will put all the heavily referenced deconstruction and reconstruction at the end instead of at the beginning. 

At the beginning I'll put all the 'hey-ho, here's the nervous system, isn't it lovely? treat it first' stories, 'here is the way DNM is different from other stuff' (at least 7 different ways), 'here are at least 3 important treatment concepts'; then, in the middle, bam - here are the treatment suggestions, all visual; and finally, at the end, all the heavy plodding argumentation. It isn't that it isn't important, it is. It isn't that it doesn't need to be in there, it does. It's just that it's still such a plod, no matter how I try to slice it or make it interesting and enticing.

Human cognition, especially in manual therapists, it seems, and definitely in me, works best when motivated by learning how to do, and then doing, something useful. There will be many others, however, I suspect, who won't be interested unless they can read the argumentation first. So for any who need it, it'll be there and they will be directed to it. It's bedrock. Under the surface stuff. In it's rightful place, under all the topsoil. To be dug straight down to, or to end up at eventually, after playing with the stuff at the front of the book. 

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Jordan said...

Always great to get that breakthrough on how to structure something! Glad to see you've figured that out.