Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dermoneuromodulation videos

Jason Erickson made a few dermoneuromodulation videos during the workshop August 2012 in San Diego.

Treating with cutaneous innervation field of obturator nerve as the target. 

Treatment can target possible entrapments of motor nerves in the shoulder 
(e.g., accessory, suprascapular) which cannot be addressed directly, as they are deep. 
Nervous system is accessed via long dorsal cutaneous rami from T1 and T2 which flow through skin that is attached over the motor targets of the motor nerves in question.   

APRIL 2013
Greg Lehman added several videos from the workshop he attended this past weekend (April 2013) in Toronto.

Here they are all in one place, so they are easier to find. I'll link them in the side menu too.

Treating with emergence spot of occipital nerve through its stiff tissue boundary, before it bends up and innervates scalp, as the target. 

Treating with superficial cervical plexus in skin at the side of neck as the target

Treating with long dorsal rami branch of T1 and T2 as the target

Treating with the dorsal cutaneous rami surfacing points, medial to the medial border of the scapula, as the target

Another angle on dorsal cutaneous rami as the target

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