Wednesday, June 06, 2012

DNM in a nutshell

Here are some of the blog series here on HumanAntiGravitySuit, to do with dermoneuromodulation, much of which was written as a result of discussion (fierce conversation) on Somasimple.

This contains links to several other blog posts, each one expanding on one or another aspect of the concepts behind the technical application

This link describes what I think goes on at the neuro interface between therapist and patient.

This goes to a series written recently on how I explicitly provide pain and nervous system ed to patients, within the first visit. 

This goes to a series on how I think various kinds of treatment concepts fit on a continuum ranging from operator to interactor, from between two people to between society and individual, from anti-scientific to a-scientific, from Cartesian to biopsychosocial, and everything in between. 

If you have the patience to read these 4 links, and all the links contained therein, it should:
  • keep you busy for quite awhile 
  • give you the gist of what I'm about and what DNM is about


April 28 2014

I'm back in with a link to a post on Facebook, written by Alice Sanvito, a massage therapist who blogs out of St. Louis.

Shifting away from nociception and mesodermalism and towards "yes-ciception," neurocentrism, and pain science.

Excellent post, with lots of links to everything pain science. In it she discusses dermoneuromodulation as “an interesting way  to use your hands that doesn't create nociception and doesn't require you to believe in any imaginary constructs.”

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