Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weyburn Skyscape

This was the view from my new 4th floor balcony this morning, at dawn. This is what I came back here for. This is what I was homesick for.  

I confess, I'm not getting a lot done these days. I feel lazy. All I want to do is drink in views like this, enjoy the infinite focal length out all my windows here. 

If not now, when? 

The rooftop in the bottom right corner is the condo building where my mother lives. 

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Unknown said...

My son Samuel has been in Three Rivers for over a week now. He says that the trees and buildings on campus make it feel familiar, but when he walks to the edge of town (a short walk) he is surprised by the prairie every time. Our house, which he grew up in, is nestled in a fairly mature northwest forest.