Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Neil Pearson's Pain Webcasts

On October 15th, CPPSG (Canadian Physiotherapy Pain Sciences Group) co-chair Neil Pearson did a free three-hour presentation on pain to a group of about 60 women who had gathered to listen. About half of the audience was there to participate in a study that Neil is conducting, to determine the effects of education alone on persistent pain.

He has agreed to allow me to post links to the entire talk, in three sections.

This information is freely available here to anyone who would like to learn more about pain, whether it is pain they have, pain they are treating in patients, or pain in a family member/friend.

I've also put these links in the menu to the right.

Neil Pearson's Webcast Part 1 (45 minutes)

Neil Pearson's Webcast Part 2 (42 minutes)

Neil Pearson's Webcast Part 3 (60 minutes)

It is a really good series. Educate yourself - it's the best way to grow hope.


Unknown said...

I really appreciate all the helpful links you include in your post. I am working to train my brain to start making endorphins again now that I have tapered down from 350 mg oxycodone per day this past summer to zero for the past three weeks.

Diane Jacobs said...

Thank you for your note Kent, and all the best to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making these available!

Lisa said...

Just to let you know, Neil's doing a free webinar series on yoga for people in pain, starting Jan. 7 2013. After the live event, all the videos from the sessions will be available to watch for free, on the CIRPD website (you can also register there): www.cirpd.org