Thursday, July 05, 2007

Autonomics, Skin, and Sensory Input (Exteroception)

The title of this entry is linked to a thread I've been working on at SomaSimple lately, on this particular topic to which I think the entire world of human primate social grooming should expose its group mind.

Of particular interest to me this morning is this little tidbit, from the preface of Autonomic Innervation of Skin and to all (I think) 14 volumes of the Burnstock series:

...the concept of antidromic impulses in sensory nerve collaterals forming part of 'axon reflex' vasodilation of skin vessels was described many years ago (Lewis, 1927).

What? 1927? TWENTY-SEVEN ??

Most of our professional existence has been after that particular date. Why wasn't this little factoid hammered into our receptive PT brains from day one, I'd like to know? We who are charged with handling people all day/every day?

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