Saturday, January 03, 2009

Vancouver photon levels

Pictures were taken today, at about 2 PM. Note the low light levels and black and white/colorlessness overall. Things could be worse, photon-wise, there could be no snow at all. At least with snow, photons bounce around some.
I don't know why I'm still living here. I do know I can't for very many more years.


Unknown said...

We visited Julia in Norway a year ago. She was near Oslo (ie south)
but the sun barely crept above the horizon each day and sort of slid along the horizon until it went down after only being up a few hours. Of course northern Norway is above the article circle and just goes totally dark for weeks or months. It is hard for me to understand how folks can deal with it there. It is hard enough here at about 45 degrees of lattitude.

Hang in there. Each day is a little longer at this point.

Diane Jacobs said...

Yes. A little longer every day.

The sun here (when there is some) sort of scrapes along the rooftops. It actually clears some of them, so I know it's technically "better" here, although I'm pretty sure there aren't many places as cloudy. I don't know how Norwegians or Canadians or anyone living up above the Arctic Circle do it. They must have pretty great light therapy.