Saturday, July 05, 2008

Car-free at last

In reference to Divorcing the car:

Five minutes ago I walked inside $1800 richer (in twenties bound into 4 lots with rubber bands, in my packet, a thick wad to take to the bank later when it opens), and way more than just a ton lighter.

My car has just been affectionately transferred to a new owner, and all I had to officially keep were the plates. Oh, and the little bag of trash I filled from inside glove box and drink console. I can put the remote for the garage door away now. [big smile]I don't need it anymore[/big smile].

I feel good, really pleased with how relatively effortless this transition was.


Anonymous said...

Hey wait. You have space? Do you mind if I store my....

Actually, you might be able to fund your laptop if you rent that space out.

Way to go with the carless thing. You'll have to post an update of your carless life at some point.


Diane Jacobs said...

The carless life is good so far. The space isn't transferable I'm afraid. The money for the car is going to fund the laptop... AND the cost of gas saved, AND the cost of insurance saved.. I'll save about $1500 per year, minimum, I think. A new laptop every year, plus bus and cab fare.