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Oscillations Part IX: References and Suggested Reading

(This is a final post in the series "Oscillations" based on notes taken from Ginger Campbell's podcast #31 with György Buzsáki, and a continuation from Part VIII):


1. Stephen Strogatz: (homepage ) known for his discovery of “small world” architecture
His 2003 bestseller Sync: The emerging science of spontaneous order is aimed at a general audience

2. Nancy Kopell: mathematician
Buzsáki recommends her review of the analytical approaches to neuronal oscillators: We got Rhythm: Dynamical Systems of the Nervous System. (pdf 11 pages) N Am Math Soc 47: 6-16 (2000).

3. Zoltán Néda (Bebes-Bolyai University Romania): the spontaneous synchronization of hand clapping
Self-organizing processes: The sound of many hands clapping Nature 403, 849-850 (24 February 2000)

4. Hermann Haken (his homepage ): German laser physicist who studies bidirectional causation
The Science of Structure: Synergetics (1984)
* His Scholarpedia articles on self-organization and on synergetics

5. John O’Keefe (University College, London): along with Lynn Nadel he discovered how the hippocampus forms a cognitive map of the world.
He has shown how the timing of oscillations in the hippocampus are important
* “Independent rate and temporal coding in hippocampal pyramidal cells ” by John Huxter, Neil Burgess, and John O’Keefe. Nature 425, 828-832 (23 October 2003)

6. David McCormick (Yale University): showed that neurons from the thalamus can oscillate spontaneously
Neocortical Network Activity In Vivo Is Generated through a Dynamic Balance of Excitation and Inhibition (11-page pdf)
He has also studied the oscillations of place cells in the hippocampus
List of publications

7. David Hubel and Torston Wiesel recieved a 1981 Nobel Prize for their discoveries concerning information processing in the visual system, based on work done by Vernon Montcastle on the use of single neuron recordings.
Montcastle, VB (1997) “The Columnar Organization of the Neocortex.” Brain 102:01-722.
*Montcastle's biography

8. Claude E. Shannon : Founder of Information Theory

9. Jan Born (University of Lübeck, Germany): experiments with how sleep improves both memory and problem solving
*list of publications

10. The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks, Michael Arbib 2003

11. Scholarpedia Encyclopedia of Dynamical Systems

August 6/08
Added: When Neurons Fire Up: Study Sheds Light on Rhythms of the Brain

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