Monday, March 24, 2008

Brain Oscillations: Ten part series

This series of blogposts is based on Ginger Campbell's interview with Dr. György Buzsáki in Feb. 08, and released as a podcast, #31 of her series of BrainScience Podcasts. It was written mostly as a study effort, to help me better understand how the brain works, to help me get more from reading the book itself - Rhythms of the Brain.

INTRO: Oscillatory Matters

Part I: Where do brain oscillations come from?

Part II: Input/Output

Part III: Why write a book?

Part IV: Complex Systems

Part V: Strength and efficiency in numbers

Part VI: Origins and interactions

Part VII:Inhibition, excitation and balance

Part VIII: Deep brain function or "noise"

Part IX: References and suggested reading

Link to transcript of episode #31


Ginger Campbell, MD said...

Thank you so much for all the work you have put in to expanding on the content of Dr. Buzsaki's interview.

Ginger Campbell, MD

Diane Jacobs said...

You are so very welcome Ginger. It has been my pleasure. Next I want to tackle the interview you did with C. Koch.