Friday, November 09, 2007

More on Michael Shacklock

I've had Michael Shacklock linked to my website for years, and decided it was high time to link him to this blog, where I spend more time now.

I wrote about Michael a couple years ago ( see archives for November 2005). At the moment, he is working hard to get a book republished. It will be very exciting for all of us who are human primate social groomers of the "functionalist" persuasion, and wonder about what bits of "structure" we really need to bear in mind (thank you to Neurotopian Matthias Weinberger for clarifying the two broad camps of debate) ... you'll get a hint or two about this by reading his newsletters.

I don't want to spoil the surprise, so that's all for now - over and out.


Unknown said...

The Neil Pearson webcasts have been trememdously helpful to me. Thanks again for posting. Regarding the interaction between A and B: I realized after months of difficult recovery from my joint replacement that one of the key things my surgeon said to me was "I am worried about our ability to control your pain". He is a great surgeon, and meant well. But he played directly into strong fears that I had about the surgery already. I obsessed on the idea that my pain might be uncontrollable. I believe that contributed a lot to me winding up on 350 mg per day of oxycodone.
I'm doing much better now and have been off the oxycodone for 5 weeks. Thanks again for your excellent blog.


Diane Jacobs said...

Kent, glad to hear you're making such good headway undoing your pain problem.