Thursday, November 01, 2007

David Butler Blogs

David Butler is a PT pain pioneer from Australia. He is researcher, clinician, university professor, and author of three books, two for therapists and one for people with pain. His website is ; there is a discussion forum attached to his site which has, alas, been closed for some time now, although it can still be accessed for reading.

This fall he began to publish three blogs. One of these is on Neuromatrix Training. The other two are linked into the banner of this one. I've also linked David's blogs into the menu on the right. Pay him a visit - he has much to offer.

I met David about 10 years ago as a participant in one of his dozens, possibly hundreds, of workshops he has taught all round the world. He certainly lit a fire under my brain, but I seriously doubt I'm the only PT to have been so affected. Carry on David, carry on.

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